STAND TALL - Help design a stand-up vehicle

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STAND TALL - Help design a stand-up vehicle

Postby lukas.g » Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:09 pm

To wheelchair users who are able to stand (but have walking difficulties):

Research repeatedly proves the physical and psychological health benefits of standing upright. An extensive list of medical health benefits can be found at .

No doubt, the wheelchair has proven a marvellous asset, enhancing mobility for the disabled. For some, however, there is a catch. Those who use it because of walking difficulty, also lose any incentive to stand. This often leads to a vicious cycle of degeneration. Amongst other things, bone density and muscle strength diminish, confining the user more and more to the chair.

An undergraduate project at the University of Bristol aims to overcome this shortcoming, by designing a powered Self-Balancing Vehicle (SBV), empowering those who can stand by raising them to eye-level with their peers. Users stand on the SBV, holding on to a supportive handle bar.

Current research is aimed at those in the critical development phase of adolescence.

 Are you 8 years or older?
 Are you able to stand (with support) but feel uncomfortable walking?

Thank you for your time and highly valued feedback!

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