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Dog Assisted K9 Therapy

dog assisted therapy contactsThe sites here provide details of dog assisted therapy (AAT) for the disabled and special needs as well as sick adults and children and highlights the special relationship between dogs and the disabled.

Researchers have found that many dogs possess the power to heal their owners and friends, especially the disabled and elderly as well as offering a calming influence as well as being relaxing and lovable. Find pet and dog healing therapy sites listed here along with details of how to get involved, offer support or enquire about a dog assisted therapy session near to you along with details of the special dogs.

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  • Undertakes the sale and rental of evac evacuation and transit chairs to assist with safe evacuation from multi storey buildings for the disabled...
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  • Support the campaign for accessible changing facilities away from home for adults and children that need lifting, making changes to disabled WCs...
  • Provides a range of care and support services throughout Northamptonshire for adults with disabilities and older people. Aspiring to provide the...
  • Osteopathic approved pain relieving supports and solutions for all back, shoulder, neck, knee, wrist and arm pain with free UK delivery and 30 day...


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Animal assisted therapy (AAT)

Information provided from providing extensive details of dog assisted therapy along with readers stories an overview of this type of therapy and the history of animal assisted therapy.

Dog Assisted Therapy for Children

Located in Bournemouth, Dorset providing specialist dog therapy sessions for children of all ages and abilities. Site provides details of the services and the dogs along with how to book an assisted therapy session.

Nurture Dogs

Highlighting the services offered by a qualified occupational therapist providing dog therapy in Suffolk. View details of the animals with images and how to arrange a therapy session.

PAT Dogs at Work

A news article that explains about PAT dogs and the therapy they offer in special needs schools, hospices and nursing homes.

Pets As Therapy

A national charity now in its 25th year. It is unique in that it provides temperament assessed/vaccinated PAT Dogs and PAT Cats with registered volunteers to hospitals, hospices, residential care homes, day centres, special needs schools and many other establishments often providing comfort, companionship and therapy.

Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy

A registered charity that uses dogs in a range of therapies for people with disabilities and special needs. Site provides details of their programs along with class information and contacts to find out more about animal assisted dog therapy.