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Saturday, October 21, 2017
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SAVE MONEY on disabled travel

posted on Jun 2, 2009

This information concerns transport and travel details for disabled people. It contains details of financial help and various schemes and is advisory only. The following information should be taken as a guide only. Ableize cannot accept liability for any misinterpretations or errors. Please check with your travel provider for full details.


Did you know that disabled people are entitled to a free bus pass, the same way pensioners are? This entitles you to a discount of at least 50% on bus travel in your local authority area. Areas in a different local authority area close to you may offer a similar scheme. Ask your local authority office.

Disabled people and their essential helper/companions are entitled to a free concessionary bus pass offering free bus travel in all local authority areas of Wales. Ask your local authority office.

Blind people living in Scotland can travel free on buses with many local council’s offering reduced fares to companions. Free off peak travel is also offered to disabled cardholders. Ask your local authority office.

Disabled people are entitles to a disabled person’s railcard, current costs is £14 per year. Saving you up to one third on rail fares throughout Great Britain, the same discount is available for a travelling companion. A leaflet called ‘Rail Travel for Disabled Passengers’ is available from staffed railway stations.

Wheelchair users and registered blind and partially sighted people that do not have a railcard can get a discount plus a companion discount on single and return tickets. Registered blind or partially sighted people can only get a discount if travelling with a companion.

Disabled Person’s Railcard Office is on 0191 218 8103
Minicom 0191 269 0404

Wheelchair users can travel in their own wheelchair in a special section of the train, one companion can travel with you at a reduced rate. Offer assistance and ticket prices may be available.
Call Eurostar on 08705 186 186 for full details.

Happy travelling