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Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Massie and Campbell quit EHRC

posted on Aug 2, 2009

Two leading disability activists and heavyweights in the rights movement have resigned as commissioners on the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Baroness (Jane) Campbell of Surbiton and Sir Bert Massie both quit following the re-appointment of Trevor Phillips as EHRC Chair. Three other commissioners have also tendered their resignation in recent months.

Philips was re-appointed as Chair for a further three years by equality minister Harriet Harman.

Sir Bert, who has thirty years experience as a member of government bodies, and who was Chair of the Disability Rights Commission accused Trevor Phillips of squandering the talent available to the EHRC.

He said of Phillips style and leadership: "He is not a natural leader or a natural chairman. He does not know how to build a team. He had a team there and had he got the best out of them, they would have been quite a team . . . That is the resource that has been most squandered."

The resignations will do little to calm the fears for the future of those who believe that the EHRC has so far failed to safeguard the rights of disabled people effectively.