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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Guide dog age limit removed

posted on Oct 13, 2009

Guide dogs are to be available for visually-impaired children in the UK due to the age limit being removed. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association will now be training dogs to help blind or partially-sighted children under 16 as well as adults.

The guide dog association claims too many visually impaired children are lacking in independence and mobility. "These young people end up isolated," says chief executive, Bridget Warr.

The charity says many visually-impaired youngsters have only a limited social life and have to endure bullying because of their disability. Giving some of them guide dogs at a earlier age is aimed at helping them with a range of social activities that may help with their sense of self-confidence and overall independence.

Guide dogs for these younger teenagers will begin to be provided from next year.

There are around 4,600 guide dogs in the UK that are helping people. A Labrador-retriever cross being the most common used breed of dog.