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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Could Blaeberries Aid Diabetes

posted on Jun 2, 2010

The University of Aberdeen are exploring to see if blueberries could help reduce the effects of diabetes.

They are currently looking for 60 overweight men, aged 40 to 70 with type 2 diabetes, to take part in studies, the volunteers would take the capsule three times a day to test whether this helps reduce inflammation associated with the increased fat tissue.

Dr Nigel Hoggard, from the University of Aberdeen's Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health, who is leading the study, said: "The exact link between type 2 diabetes and obesity has never been pinpointed, traditional folk remedies have cited the blaeberry (also called bilberry) as a natural resource to help combat diabetes for centuries.

It is believed that the answer to their connection lies in fat tissue. When fat increases, this is associated with a low grade inflammation, and the release of a number of hormones into the blood.