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Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Paralympics To Remember

posted on Sep 6, 2012

We are halfway through the Paralympics and GBR can only be described as outstanding! World records are dropping like flies, we are currently second in the medals table and on schedule to beat our Beijing medals total of 42 golds. To start mentioning individual Paralympians would be unfair as we have so many outstanding men and women taking part in doing better than most nondisabled people could ever dream of.

My only real qualm is the what only can be described as atrocious coverage by Channel 4. There are no programme schedules so nobody knows when or even on which of the Channel 4 channel a particular event will be shown.
2012 Paralympics athletes
Comeback the BBC, all is forgiven!

Check out our own Paralympic games listings inside Ableize providing you with details such as the history of the Paralympics with links to the International Paralympic Committee and other sites of interest as well as links to some of our best known Paralympians official sites.