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Sunday, November 19, 2017
25,000,000 Unique Hits and Counting

ABLEize revamped disability forum launched

posted on Jun 26, 2014

The old and well used ABLEize discussion forum that was built way back in 2006 has had a much needed makeover.  We have started again from scratch and that including killing all the posts.

We had near on 4000 registered users and many of them made 1 post and never returned, registered to attemp spam or more likely have gone over to Facebook.

The new shinny forum can be seen by clicking the UK Disability Forum link

Check it out today and sign up, its free and has many new features including:

Better and easier post options

Better spam protection (we were deleting around 25 attempted spam registrations per day!)

Advertisting options

Buy and sell your unwanted goods free

Make friends, chat and much more at the all new ABLEize discussion forum.