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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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New Disabled fit for work test

posted on Aug 2, 2009

New government testing for Employment and Support Allowance puts disabled people at risk of being told to go back to work, say campaigners. The reaction comes after it was... more →

Mother jailed for disability benefit fraud

posted on Jul 19, 2009

A Midlothian mother who received £22,000 by pretending her entire family was severely disabled has been sent back to jail. Anne Marie Cockburn's cheating began just two months after... more →

Britain's Got Talent dance man loses benefits

posted on Jun 18, 2009

A Leicestershire man of 73-year-old who thrilled the audience of Britain's Got Talent by breakdancing has had his benefit stopped.Fred Bowers said the allowance he received for a leg injury... more →