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Thursday, October 19, 2017
25,000,000 Unique Hits and Counting


Could Blaeberries Aid Diabetes

posted on Jun 2, 2010

The University of Aberdeen are exploring to see if blueberries could help reduce the effects of diabetes. They are currently looking for 60 overweight men, aged 40 to 70 with type 2... more →

Ableize Blog Released! Join in and become part of the team

posted on Apr 18, 2010

The trouble with running a very successful web directory like ableize is that we get bogged down keeping the wheels turning and catching up with the hundreds of new submissions each day, even if... more →

Blind Man Sees With His Tongue

posted on Mar 15, 2010

A British soldier who lost his sight in Iraq is being taught to 'see' with his tongue, using a revolutionary new device.Craig Lundberg, 24, who was blinded in a rocket-propelled grenade... more →