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Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Directory Help

Who do I ask for help regarding my site and getting it listed in the proper category?
If after looking through the categories, you are still unsure as to where you should submit your site, your best bet would be to submit your site to the category you think best reflects the content on your site.  The editors have the ability to move your site to a better category, or create a new one, should there be a need.

How do I update the listing for my site?
Please send details through our contact us form. A staff member will then contact you via the email address you supplied with your submission details with a confirmation request.

Where do advertise your directory? is entered for listing in all major UK search engines and major world wide directories. Our optimisation department ensures that all pages including all sub categories and optimised to gain the maximum coverage in all relevant search engines. All search results are monitored with continuous improvement and adjustments made where needed. The optimisation of is an ongoing process to ensure the best coverage of your site possible.


Where do I go for further help?

Feel free to contact ableize admin members via the Contact Ableize link at the bottom of the site. We will respond as soon as possible.