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Friday, May 29, 2015

Disabled and Special Needs Sports and Recreation

This busy and ever-growing section of Ableize is undoubtedly the largest disabled recreation and sports resource on the Internet, many have built similar resources but don't quite come up to scratch to this area which has been growing since 2006 and added to on a regular basis. Browse through the recreation and sports categories below where you will find a whole range of sports to suit all disabilities.

Disabled sport is a large and important area of ableize covering an ever growing selection of sports for the disabled and special needs including recreational hobby sites of interest, sporting sites and information for the disabled sportsmen and woman. All sounds a mouthful but this category provides the largest collection of disabled and special needs sports information in the UK and Europe. See the selected sporting categories below, also see Disabled Groups and Clubs listed by UK counties as these areas also contain local sports groups such as swimming, horse riding, archery, basketball and many more exciting sports to get involved with, enjoy and who knows maybe even get fitter.

10,000,000 Unique Hits and Counting
Find clubs offering disabled sports activities in London, Bristol and Manchester including football, netball, rugby and basketball, tennis and rock climbing as well as many more fun and social sports like swimming, BMX, cricket, gymnastics and much much more. Browse the site to find a sports club near you catering for all abilities and make contact today.
An innovative sports gripping aid worn as a glove to enable people with and weaknesses and disabilities to undertake sports such as tennis, golf and fishing and much more. View the product details with online purchasing and free phone contact for further information.
Craft workshops with an emphasis on care and nurturing for children as well as grown-ups. Activities are designed for the individual's needs and requirements. Would suit those struggling with depression and low self esteem. Also, for people adjusting to life after a stroke. Carers welcome too. Helps strengthen and hone hand and finger muscles which help with fine motor movement. Check out the online courses today.
MEDICOVI has been manufacturing insoles for the foot health care market for over 20 years. View details of their insoles that offer pain relief and support in many sports including golf, football, running and other sports. These sensory water-filled massage soles have been developed using advanced medical expertise and will provide support, comfort and pain relief where needed.
Coverage of disabled sports and Paralympic events taking place throughout the UK supplied by the BBC. Includes a disabled sports calendar.
Bristol Union of Disability Sports. Organises a broad selection of sports and sporting activites for people with disabilities.
Promotes and seeks to increase sport and physical recreational opportunities for people with a disability and especially those who have cerebral palsy.
Promoting equality and opportunities for people with disabilities to take part in sking and snowsports. Includes news, events, donation details and how to get involved.
Promotes and develops sport for persons of restricted growth and to enable them to enter and compete in sport on an equal footing.
National body responsible for developing sport for disabled people in England. Regional pages, information on coaching, different sports, publications, help and advice.
Hull based disabled sports association offering a range of indoor and outdoor sports for people all disabilities throughout the Humber area. Read about their facilities along with contact details.
Rugby club who recruit players with a learning difficulty. Full contact rugby union against local clubs in Carmarthenshire and Wales. Site includes photos, videos and contact details. Seeks new players, disabled or non-disabled.
Highlights a range of sporting activities for people with a learning disability with details of how to get involved.
Warwickshire RSDA meets on Saturday mornings at the Ken Marriott Leisure Centre and offers a range of disabled sports that include darts, bowls, tabble tennis and archery.
Providing financial grants to disabled people who wish to participate in sports, with the aim of improving their quality of their life.