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Tourette Syndrome

Tourette's syndrome also known as Tourette's disorder or simply Tourette's or (TS) is an inherited neurological disorder that is gained in childhood, signs of Tourette’s are usually sudden movements with words or sounds that are categorised as ‘tics’. Find official and informative sites offering details of Tourett's symptoms, diagnosis available treatments and causes listed in this busy Ableize section and enter each individual site by clicking the title of your chosen site or sites below.

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Henry Spink Foundation

Offers tourette syndrome information and advice plus medication details and related facts.

NHS Choices - Tourette’s Syndrome

An informative site that explains Tourettes, what it is and what causes it. Also includes video clips and related links.

Samuels World

A parent run website for families and carers who have a child with Tourettes, ADHD, ACD, Aspergers and other related disorders upon the Autistic Spectrum. Includes online stories, tips plus Tourettes and ADHD question and answers.

Tourette Syndrome Fact Sheet

Providing informative downloadable fact sheets about Tourette's syndrome offering a number of answers and questions with information supplied by the National Institute Of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Tourette Syndrome Fact Sheets

Official facts about Tourettes from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders. Includes symptoms with a range of informative FAQ's.

Tourettes Action

A UK Charity working to improve the lives of people with to tourettes syndrome. Site provides details of their help and support groups, available grants and future events taking place along with helpline contacts.

Information site written by a single mum providing a comprehensive information resource with frequently asked questions and highlighting the positive as well as negative aspects of Tourette's syndrome.