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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy imageLike physiotherapy, occupational therapy is a very valuable asset to many disabled and elderly people that may be recovering from an accident or injury. A qualified occupational therapist will assist with everyday social and daily living requirements. The services of an occupational therapist are mainly personalised to meet your own needs such as dressing, washing and cooking as well as many other day-to-day activities.

Find details and contacts of occupational therapists that will provide a range of services including home and job disabled workplace assistance, evaluations with adaptation recommendations plus performance skills assessments and treatment. Occupational therapists can offer advice and provide equipment to disabled people as well as to help to improve quality of life.

If you provide occupational therapy services, training or related product used in areas of OT and would like to promote your site to a larger audience at a sensible price simply click the Submit Your Site buttton at the top of this page.

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Category: Occupational Therapy

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