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About ABLEize

ABLEize was created back in 2006 when Ask Jeeves was the preferred search engine and Facebook was still in the making. Things have changed since then and although the mighty Google runs the world of Internet search its still as hard today as it was in 2006 to find the best disability results.

ABLEize was created with one simple aim, to make disability and special needs resources easy to find under one roof. Created by a spinal injury wheelchair user that studied search engine optimisation, learnt html coding and went to college to learn web design to create what was back then a very basic but user friendly website.

Response from the public plus those supplying help and information along with businesses and services providers has been phenomenal since ABLEize went live to the UK market. The original aims of the creator are still very much in practice, listing local and national disability related sites and services. Everything from disability arts, support, a massive sports section, regional categories crammed with a mixture of listings in every county offering details of everything disability related on your doorstep. Not forgetting those all importance disability and mobility products and services offered by UK suppliers.

Healthcare Promotion at a Sensible Price:

While many lesser sites with a fraction of the traffic of ABLEize charge high prices, ABLEize does not. We believe in getting a greater volume of product and service providers on-board so charge a much lower price. A lower price does not mean a lower service.  Check out our domain and page authorities and you will see ABLEize is much more powerful than related sites.

Placing all disability and health needs under one roof means you can find exactly what you are looking for quicker and with less problems than a big search engine or directory that covers every subject known to man (Plus a few unknown) You can search via the search box on each page, find us via search results or click through the categories on the front page or if an A to Z of every subject we cover helps find exactly what subject you are looking for just click on the A-Z Sitemap link below.

Zero Tolerance on Dead or Broken Sites

I am sure many of you have been frustrated by going into a site and finding links you click on dead or broken. ABLEize hates this as much as you.  We include a “Report Broken Listing” button beside every site we list and act swiftly when reported. On top of this we undertake a deep scan of all links on a regular basis and either fix, find a replacement or remove the dead sites to save you the frustration.  If you spot one our scan misses please report it.

Feel free to contact us ( link below) if you have an questions, site suggestions or are interested in finding out more about the power of ABLEize and how it can help your disability, mobility or healthcare business website thrive with greater coverage.

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