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Disabled Access Groups

Disabled Access GroupsAccess groups provide a valuable service to disabled people, many campaign for greater access to transport, public buildings and much more as well as offering valuable advice and guides to UK businesses. This dedicated section of ABLEize offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of disabled access groups and organisations run by or for disabled people in the UK.

Find a local disability access group near you. Ableize regularly add to this busy section to ensure that our coverage of disabled access groups continues to grow. Sites listed here promote best practice in access design and campaign to improve disabled access to buildings, businesses and shops, transport as well as offering information and services about how to make your business or service more accessible to people with disabilities. Find disabled and wheelchair users access groups in the UK listed here with information about their locations and how to get involved.

Sadly many disabled access groups do not have a website so unfortunately we cannot list or promote them, if you find an access group not listed below please let us know and we will gladly add it to this dedicated disabled access groups section.  Please help ABLEize spread the word by including a link back to this valuable list on your own disability or access related site. Click the “send this page” link below to send this comprehensive access groups collection to a friend.

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Access group aiming to improve access to services, venues and premises for disabled people in and around Arun in the West Sussex.

A dedicated access group that offers advice and guidance to local residents and businesses in areas of disabled access and how to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.

A Welsh access group with details of their work and how to get involved.

A Carmarthenshire based access group campaigning for better access for disabled people. Includes access fact sheets, news and how to get involved.

A positive and active group of people with disabilities fighting for better access throughout Perth and Kinross. Check out details of their meetings in Perth along with local information and links of interest.

Set up to provide information and advice concerning disabled access within shops in public buildings throughout Dundee. Includes contacts for information, advice or to get involved.

Providing disabled access resources, articles and guides for the people of Eastbourne. Eastbourne Borough Council uses this long establishes access group to assist with all disabled access issues.

An organisation run by disabled people to promote the best practice of building and services access for disabled people.

Derbyshire based disabled access group helping to improve access for disabled people in and around the High Peak areas. Read news, details of local accessibility and how to make contact.

A disability access group working to gain greater access for disabled people in Surrey with the full support of the Mole Valley District Council. Site highlights the group with contacts and meeting dates to get involved.

A charitable volunteer run group dedicated to highlighting access problems for people with disabilities in the New Forest area. Provides details of accessible areas and offers events details, news and membership information.

Disabled access group working to improve disabled access within all area covered by North Ayrshire Council. Site includes details of their work with contacts and how to get involved.

Local disability access group to Norwich. View meeting details, disabled access resources and how to get involved.

An active group made up of people with a range of disabilities addressing the disabled access issues in Pembrokeshire. The site offers details of their regular events with downloadable leaflets, localised information and joining details.

Carries out access surveys within Staffordshire and holds meetings to assist with local planning applications to help improve disabled access. Read success stories, reports on access problems and view useful links.

An active access group in Surrey highlighting access issues in the area and assisting with improvements. Includes details of their meetings along with guides and information about accessible transport services.

An independent group working to improve access in and around Chichester. Site offers members details, a city access guide, news and joining information.

Details of the meetings, recent and past campaigns and how to get involved.

Berkshire active group dedicated to offering disabled access guides and accessibility assistance to local shops and businesses. Includes contacts for assistance or for getting involved.