Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Accessible Countryside Walks Routes for the Disabled

Access to the countryside for people with disabilities, especially wheelchair users and those with mobility problems is often difficult if not impossible, as a wheelchair user since 1976 I can say this with confidence as I recall cracking my head open once on a cattle grid but that’s another story!  Access to the countryside is however improving albeit slowly. Find a selection of countryside walks accessible to wheelchair users and others with mobility problems listed below.  Ableize has not visited these locations so it would be advisable to contact the individual sites if you are unsure of their levels of access, that said we will only list countryside disabled access sites that appear professional and from a reliable source.

If you know of any other routes or country walk suitable and accessible for the disabled please suggest them here and help spread the word to others with disabilities that would like to enjoy the countryside.

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Online guide to accessible parks, routes and trails throughout England and Wales.

Details of Cornwall’s miles of scenic clay tips and pits, created by the 250 year old clay mining industry. View details of wheelchair and mobility scooter access with images and routes.

Working to improve access to the countryside for people with limited mobility living in and visiting the South West region. Site offers details of all-terrain wheelchair hire, wheelyboats with related countryside access news and events details.

Highlights the problems of disabled access around the Wrexhan countryside with details of steps being taken by the local council plus accessible walks downloads.

Providing details of how to enjoy the beauty of Kent with varying landscapes and outstanding scenery. Site provides details of accessible route maps, walks for all and country parks as well as providing information about riding for the disabled.

Highlights access to the Sussex countryside for those with disabilities plus links of interest.

Providing information for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to enable them to enjoy the countryside of Shropshire. Includes details of accessible walks with blog entries and links of related interest.

A charity that works with disabled to help improve access to the countryside for all disabilities. View case studies, publications and a good access guide.

A comprehensive downloadable PDF guide to accessible routes throughout Britain offering countryside disabled access. Includes regional venue listings and details accessible days out for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. A must read site for disabled countryside access.

The only UK web-site totally dedicated to providing free information on routes that are suitable for wheelchair users throughout the UK.