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Travel Advice for the Disabled and Less Mobile

Disabled travel adviceABLEize has compiled a range of informative resources to offer travel advice and information for the disabled traveler and companion as well as others with special needs both in the UK and abroad. Sites include bus, train and air and sea travel assistance and advice for the disabled, wheelchair users and the less mobile and all others with special travel needs.

Traveling with a disability can be daunting and require a great deal of planning, the sites listed in this and other Ableize Access and Travel sections are here to hopefully assist planning and make life a little bit easier and hopefully take some of the stress out of traveling with a disability, especially if you’re a wheelchair user needing to plan ahead or visiting an area you are unfamiliar with, where are the disabled WC’s, are there ramps as well as steps, is assistance available if needed, we at ABLEize have been there, done that and got the T-shirt so hopefully the sites listed below will assist you and help take the stress and worry out of disabled travel.

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Helpful information, guides and resources to assist with access and disabled travel including train, bus and coach travel for wheelchair users, the blind and hearing impaired.

Offering valuable information and advice about travelling by air if you are deaf or hard of hearing and providing a range of resources, valuable information and services.

Advice for disabled people that travel or wish to travel by train including access issues, how to get assistance and travelling by wheelchair or mobility scooter.

This site provides details about eligibility for Disabled Persons Railcard along with what you get, the benefits of the card and the costs involved. Also provides online renewing of your current card.

A handy checklist compiled by ABTA offering advice to the disabled and less mobile traveller before leaving home. Includes medication tips plus wheelchair travel and special needs.

A worldwide disabled travel guide. Select you chosen country from the Amazon through to Zimbabwe for details of disabled travel and how to get the best access.

Travel advice for the disabled traveling abroad with information supplied by Gov.UK. Includes tips on travel with medication, booking accessible accommodation, car hire and what to consider when traveling with reduced mobility.

Holiday and travel advice for those with autism including family members are carers. Read relaxation tips, preparing for changes during travel and more including language differences when abroad.

A Directgov site with disabled holiday travel tips and advice plus a few things to consider before leaving home. Includes overseas and wheelchair travel.

Official tips and resources for anybody travelling with a vision impairment on higher levels of blindness. Site includes a handy travel checklist for travelling with a disability.

Providing information and guides to assist disabled travel including the Disabled Persons Railcard, free bus passes, the London Taxucard scheme and much more in all areas of access and travel for the disabled.

Details of a spinning tactile device fitted to many pedestrian crossings in the UK and how they assist the blind and visually impaired. This one seems to be a well-kept secret and not very well publicised so well worth a read.

Advice and information for disabled people travelling by train in Wales. Site includes a free helping number. site offering valuable information about travelling as a wheelchair user on public transport as well as planes, cars, coaches and buses. Also provides details of the Blue Badge parking scheme and how to apply.

Things to consider before you travel with your guide dog as well as pre-travel preparations in the UK and abroad.