Monday, May 29, 2023

Young and Teenage Carer Support

Support for young carersThis busy area of ABLEize offers valuable information advice and assistance to young and teenage carers and caregivers caring for a parent or family member such as a mother or father etc. There are many thousands of young carers that look after their disabled or elderly parents in the UK, many miss out on valuable education as well as not participating in social activities that most children and teens enjoy.

Sites listed here offer support and help to a child carer including chat rooms and discussion boards along with information about local groups providing a number of social as well as support meetings for the young and teenage carer.  Also find telephone and email support services as well as additional respite care for the young and teenage carer.

ABLEize lists a number of carers support sites in other areas of the directory, please check your local area by visiting our local groups and clubs section for teenage carers support in your area as well as a number of disability groups, clubs are resources being offered in your area.

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Providing information, support and helpful resources for young and teenage carers as well as an online discussion forum, useful resources, live chat and articles of interest.

Edinburgh voluntary organisation supporting young and teenage carers with advice, support, information and resources.

Providing carer and support services to young and teenage carering. Site includes support details, information about activities and events and how to get in touch.

Set up to provide information, advice and support to carers aged 9 to 18 that care for a parent or family member within Hertfordshire. Includes details of group meetings for carers as well as social activities and a range of informative resources.

An official NHS website providing information, resources and help for young and teenage carers including helpline contacts and information about looking after your parent, brother or sister.

An independent charity set up in 1997 and dedicated to providing support to young and teenage carers throughout Sheffield. Site provides support contacts and a range of useful resources.

UK wide support group providing information, advice support to young and teenage carers as well as offering one-to-one help sessions, befriending and mentoring services.

Dedicated to providing support, advice and information to young and teenage carers within Surrey and surrounding areas. Includes direct dial telephone contact.

Works with young carers to develop and offer support and information to all young and teenage carers. Includes links, support contacts and a discussion forum.

Set up to help improve the lives of young and teenage carers throughout Warwickshire providing support as well is free and confidential advice.

Providing information for professionals throughout the health and education sectors as well as social services on how to assist young and teenage carers.