Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Special Needs Children’s Charities

Disabled children charitiesFind children’s charities and charitable organisations assisting the disabled child and their families in the UK. This is a very busy and popular area of ABLEize highlighting the websites, Facebook and Twitter pages of disabled and special needs children’s charities offering assistance in a broad variety of ways.  Browse through the hand picked charities below and click the site title or social networking link for further details of how to get assistance or donate to any of the disabled children’s charities listed.

Charities that assist children and disabled child are a valuable resource, not only for the children themselves but also to parents that may be struggling to meet their child’s special needs, especially if a child is sick and in need of charitable support and in many cases financial assistance.

We have tried to cover a broad range of charities that help sick and disabled children in this section, however if you know of a worthy charity, especially for children with a disability, please feel free to submit it to our editors by clicking the “Submit Your Site” link above. Please note that this section covers charities both disabled and non-disabled children.

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Child Accident Prevention Trust

National charity working to reduce accidents, injury and death to children through road accidents. Highlights their campaign with news and factsheets.

Sep 12, 2017