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Disabled Children’s Education

special needs schooling and educationThis area of ABLEize provides details of education for disabled and special needs children as well as providing a number of dedicated schools and tuition resources including after-school clubs, information about special needs teaching equipment, computers and software adapted to the learning needs of individual children.

Also don’t forget to check out the related links to special needs education and schools located below offering a range of teaching and education at all levels to assist with children’s education in an environment that is designed to gain maximum education for your disabled or special needs child.   Also find details of home schooling for children with or without learning disabilities or difficulties, including learning resources for children in isolated areas of Scotland and Wales needing to learn through homeschooling methods.

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Providers of specialist equipment such as customised and dedicated computers and software to ensure that children with special needs are not disadvantaged in their day-to-day education. Site provides success stories and telephone contact.

A UK registered charity providing support services for disabled children and adults seeking special needs education throughout the UK. Read success stories along with details of how to apply via their website.

Scottish school providing care and education to children with autism. Site highlights the school and its special needs education along with admission details and contacts. East Ayrshire, Scotland.

West Lothian based residential and day school for kids aged birth through to 18 years who are deaf or have communication difficulties. Read about the school and how to apply along with news and events details.

A comprehensive guide to home schooling in the UK with legal details, support information and publications of interest. Includes a discussion forum.

Offers care and supervised play for special needs children, their families and carers within the areas of the South West of England. Also provides dedicated and specialised services to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Sheffield-based special school for children with multiple learning difficulties including physically and emotional problems. Check out the site for class details, Ofsted reports and contacts to find out more.