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Special Needs Fostering

Special needs fosteringFostering a special needs child with a disability or learning difficulty can be a very rewarding experience, it is often forgotten that children needing foster care include the disabled and special needs child. It is natural that most would-be parents looking to foster are thinking of a bright, beautiful and dare we say “normal” baby or child to care for and raise but the rewards of fostering a special needs child can be phenomenal. That said careful consideration and ensuring that both parties are 100% aware of the challenges as well as the rewards is paramount.

Fostering a disabled or special needs child can includes children with varying medical conditions and/or physical or learning disabilities, these may include autism, hyperactivity, attention deficits, or a range of learning difficulties/disabilities including blind or deaf children.

As well as long term fostering, temporary foster parents and carers are also often required for emergency, overnight stay or even offering your protection in a place of safety, these may be short-term and sometimes include short breaks to allow a period of respite for the family members. This is often a good test for you as would be foster parents considering fostering a child with a disability or learning difficulty.

Listed below are sites and resources that offer further detail of fostering a child with a disability or special needs along with information about training, support services, help with fostering costs and a range of contacts to provide you with as much information as possible.

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Details of fostering a disabled child with a set of questions and an online form to find out more and if you could be considered foster parents for a disabled or special needs child.

Provides services for families looking to foster a disabled or special needs child and offers fact sheets, local authority information and advice and a host of useful links.

Provides details of disabled and special needs children in need of foster homes along with FAQ’s, fostering guide and training and support services.

Details of long and short term fostering including emergency care as well as details of disabled children and those with specialist therapeutic or complex needs as well as those with challenging behaviour issues. Also includes details of training and claiming benefits while fostering.

Comprehensive information concerning fostering a special needs child or children with disabilities provided by the Fostering for You agency. Includes details of types of placement, along with who can foster and the specialist care required for fostering a child with special needs.

Details of disabled and special needs children needing fostering in the London areas. Site offers a range of information, details of the children and typical conditions.

A UK charity providing information, support and help in all areas of fostering children and teens. Includes details of national foresting events with news and contacts for support.

Information provided by TLC Wales highlighting the rewarding experience of fostering a disabled or special needs child along with a host of information, FAQ’s details of training and support.