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Children’s Vaccination and Immunisation

Children’s VaccinationThis children’s section of the ABLEize directory provides details of immunisation and vaccination clinics, services and information for parents concerning health and any concerns you have about whether or not you should vaccinate or immunise your children.

Find a number of websites listed below offering facts about children’s vaccines with news and updates and coverage of some of the vaccination and immunisation myths as well as facts and general advice for parents and for kids. Includes information about vaccinations for the disabled adult and child along with frequently asked questions and professional information from government bodies for parents to be well-informed.

ABLEize is dedicated to bringing you information such as this page about vaccination and immunisation to help you to be better informed about the information and facts expressed by professionals.  If you found this page helpful please pass the page details on by clicking the “send this page” link below.

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Ni Direct Government site explaining why childhood immunisation is important and providing details of can happen if a child is not immunised. Also explains how each vaccination or immunisation is given and when and why babies and children get vaccination.

Professional information and advice along with publications and frequently asked questions concerning the immunisation of your child. The site also provides video clips and a range of supporting information and material.

Vaccination and immunisation advice and facts offered by a West Sussex NHS aurgery. Includes from the ages of birth through to 18 with details of special immunisation considerations for adults. Includes a video clip from Dr Miriam Stoppard.

Provides a range of information concerning the MMR jab including basic facts concerning the vaccination also with highlighting some of the possible side effects. Information provided by the Mail Online.

Netdoctor facts covering all aspects of childhood vaccination including measles, meninggitic c, mumps and whooping cough. Site also highlights the British immunisation schedule and the vaccination programme given to prevent a range of diseases.

A complete guide from the NHS coverings children’s vaccinations. Offers free wall planners, facts about vaccines and highlights the myths and truths.

News articles and information concerning research, findings and fears concerning vaccines and immunisation with readers blog entries. Information supplied by The Guardian online.

Family offers a children’s health guide highlighting the importance of child vaccination and the immunisation your children’s need. Also explains the injection process.

Information for medical professionals and families highlighting the ages immunisation is provided to children and what each injection is designed to protect them from with a list of individual vaccines and the sates they were introduced. resource.