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Health Clinics and Practitioners

Health Clinics and PractitionersThe clinics and practitioners located in this section are primarily aimed at the UK market only and include the websites of health clinic services such as hypnotherapy, Reiki and complementary health as well as counselling, physiotherapy and rehabilitation after stroke or injury. We have tried to list an even balance of health services, clinics and practitioners including plastic surgery information and surgeons in this section of ABLEize, if you feel a health related service is not covered in this ABLEize section feel free to suggest it we will be more than happy to include it if appropriate.

As well as the dedicated sites shown below also search through the categories and subcategories highlighted below and also the main listings showing a number of health related clinics and practitioner services.  To begin promoting your own website, in this or any other areas of ABLEize click the Submit your Site button above and get your site and any Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter pages promoted in this busy UK based clinics and practitioners section.

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Bloch Healing

Highlights the healing services of Peter Bloch with session details, FAQ and clients testimonials. Based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Dec 04, 2011