Thursday, December 13, 2018

Disability and Injury Rehabilitation

The disability and recovery rehabilitation products and services in this section of ABLEize are to assist with injury rehab for mobility, health and fitness recovery for people with disabilities or injury of all shapes and forms including spinal injury, stroke, head injury and all other mobility rehab and strength building needs.  Sites listed here may also promote rehab programmes and rehabilitation centres for people with a range of neurological conditions and all manner of disabilities, injuries and special needs.

Many people feel that they need to go outside of the UK to receive specific disability rehabilitation products or services, because of this we also includes world-wide disability rehabilitation services offering in other areas including the USA. Click the Submit Your Site link at the top of this page to start promoting your disabled rehabilitation sites and services.

ABLEize is dedicated to bringing you information and resources free to help you be better informed.  If you found these rehabilitation resources useful please click the “send this page” link below and send to others that may also benefit.

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Project Walk

Assisting people with spinal cord rehabilitation by offering intense exercise-based injury rehab recovery. Offers online video clips and how to get started. Carlsbad, California.

Aug 22, 2010