Thursday, March 22, 2018

Voluntary Work in Ireland + Volunteering

Irish volunteerVolunteer workers are extremely valuable in all areas and walks of life, in this busy area of ABLEize we highlight a number of websites providing volunteer information throughout Southern and Northern Ireland along with details of how to get involved in a number of projects mainly relating to disability and special needs adults and children but can include any volunteering or voluntary work and opportunities throughout Ireland covering all subjects.

Search the volunteering sites below including some well-known and not so well known local Irish volunteer groups and get involved in this rewarding activity to make a difference today.

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Highlights volunteering opportunities in the Country Kildare region of Ireland. Included volunteering guides and training details.

View details of volunteer opportunities in Ireland along with how to register plus information about voluntary work training details and events for members.

Site contains details of a range of volunteering opportunities within shops, events and fund raising. View details and how to sign up and a number of projects available throughout southern and Northern Ireland.

A support and representative body connecting community and voluntary organisations and charities across Ireland.

A busy Dublin-based volunteer centre providing details of recruitments and training along with news and how to register for a range of volunteer work throughout Dublin County.

Provides a list of volunteer centres located through Northern and Southern Ireland and a range of volunteer related events as well as online resources and how to become a volunteer.