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Disability Sports and Recreation in Ireland

Find access to disability sport in Ireland. Sports for the disabled and special needs is very popular throughout both Southern and Northern Ireland and there is an ever-growing group of sports clubs, groups and organisations dedicated to disabled and special needs sports as well as varied recreational activities in Ireland. Find a number of Irish disability sports sites listed here providing information and club details for a range of sports such as wheelchair sports, deaf sports, sailing, riding, flying, gliding for the disabled and rambling along with a host of disability related sports just waiting for you to enjoy.

Disabled athletes representing Ireland in the 2012 London Olympics received an impressive eight gold medals, three silver and five bronze across a range of sports, an achievement in Irish sport well worth a mention.  Check out the disability sports resources for Ireland below and feel free to pass this page on to a friend by using the link below.

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Wheelchair accessible gun club in Cullybackey with accessible toilets and access to shooting ranges. View events details, weapons used and contacts for joining information.

Assisting people of all ages with physical disability to take up sailing. View details of the boats with video clips and contacts to give sailing a go with a disability in Ireland.

Details of Boccia clubs in Ireland, competitions and events taking place along with details of the sport and how to give it a try.

Dedicated to providing sport and physical activities for the disabled and special needs adults and children of Ireland. Check out what they have to offer and how to get involved in sport.

Para-cycling is cycling for people with disabilities including handcycling road racing, assisted bling cycling and other disabilities. Find information and contacts for disability cycling in Ireland.

Offers a broad range of sporting activities to deaf people in Ireland and highlights the awards won and how to get involved.

Details of disability football being promoted by the Irish Football Association. Includes details of the sport including mobility and deaf impaired football. Includes coaching details.

Details of disabled sports throughout Ireland. Includes a list of sports clubs, news and how to get involved along with video clips and a list of sports aimed at a range of disabilities and special needs.

Provides details, locations and contacts for disabled and wheelchair accessible fishing in areas of Ireland.

Bringing a number of sports opportunities to disabled people and the disadvantaged within Ireland. Find details of a number of sports clubs, activities and how to get involved.

Explains the rules of the game, tournament details and how to get involved along with future disability golf events for Ireland.

Details of disability Football in Northern Ireland for all ages and abilities. Includes powerchair football, coaching and play for those with cerebral palsy and vision impairments.

Details of wheelchair sports in Ireland including archery, bowls, wheelchair rugby and tennis with information supplied by the Irish Wheelchair Association.

A non-profit organisation that promotes Judo for the disabled and those with special needs within Ireland and internationally. Highlights the benefits of the sport and how to get involved. Based in Tipperary, Ireland.

Northern Ireland based charity that has a total of 50 players involved in wheelchair basketball. View fixtures, results and how to join.

Details of athletes taking part in a range of Paralympic events such as swimming, athletics, football, equestrian and canoeing events and many more. Includes details of Team Ireland with training information and how to get involved and compete as an elite Paralympic athlete.

Details of riding for the disabled and those with special needs in Northern Ireland. Discover local clubs and groups, ways to get involved, take part or become a volunteer.

Offers horse riding and carriage driving activities for people with learning or physical disabilities.

Details of horse riding and carriage driving for the disabled across Ireland with contacts to organisations to get involved with or become a volunteer. Site offers images, FAQ’s and contact details.

Enjoy Whale, Dolphin and Seal watching and enjoy sea angling in a wheelchair accessible boat that also has a wheelchair accessible toilet on board. Based in Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Wheelchair rugby club offering the ultimate in disability sport in Ireland. Site offer club details, fixtures, results and game play images. Sign up for their newsletter to discover more.

Highlighting rugby opportunities for disabled people in Ireland. View match play and coaching details with information about how to get involved with contacts.

Assisting disabled people take up and enjoy gliding in Ulster with reduced rates for trial lessons. Based in Ballarena, Co Derry. Accessible to wheelchair users. Includes gift voucher options, images and details of the airfield.

National Governing body for vision impaired sport in Ireland. Discover what sports are available and how to get involved.

The International Wheelchair Tennis Federation provides details of wheelchair tennis in Ireland. Includes the rules of the game including the two-bounce rule and how to get involved.