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Mental Health Support in Ireland

Find Ireland mental health support services listed in this section of ABLEize. The resources listed here are recognised organisations or charities that offer dedicated mental health support in a range of ways. Find support groups, dedicated contacts and help via the sites listed below for all children, teens and adults as well as carers affected by mental health issues.

Nobody should be left feeling alone and unable to cope during times of desperation or depression caused by problems or upsets in life. Mental health issues can happen to anybody, young or old. The sites and services highlighted below have been hand-picked to ensure everybody in all areas of Ireland have the help and support they needs, whenever they need it.  Browse the organisations below and enter their website or social media pages for more details and how to get help and support.

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Provides urgent support and help to people with mental health issues in Ireland. Highlights dedicated contacts, career opportunities and volunteering details with mental health resources and information.

Providing dedicated bipolar and depression support to individuals and families in Ireland. Site highlights a support lime, local support groups and offers details of related mental health support events and how to become a volunteer.

Providing support for all family members, friends, partners and carers that care for somebody with mental health problems in Northern Ireland. Also offers help and information for professionals. Confidential helpline number is 0800 103 2833.

Derry based online and telephone support services for all issues related to mental health in Ireland. Includes welfare support, advocacy services and psychological therapies for adults and children.

Offers mental health support services in a number of locations across Ireland. Site includes helplines, online resources and success stories. Also offers volunteering details and how to offer a donation.

The National Centre for Youth Mental Health was set up to provide support to young people and teens in Ireland and help them not feel alone or isolated by mental health issues or problems. Includes support contacts, events and details of how to get involved. Highlights locations throughout Ireland.

A national voluntary organisation offering Ireland mental health support services as well as information, campaign details and advice to people with mental health issues and their families.

A comprehensive collection of mental health and depression contacts and support services for Ireland. Also includes help and information for anybody having concerns about others and family members.

Offers dedicated mental health counselling services in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Includes contacts and appointment details.

HSE-funded charity that holds mental health self recovery meeting at no cost. Site explains what to expect from the meetings and how to get involved, seek help or become a volunteer.

An organisation based in Co Kildare dedicated to putting an end to mental health stigma in Ireland. Site highlights support, details of Irish based events as well as offering information for employees.

Established in 1979 and offering family and group support, counselling, training and education to anybody suffering with mental health issues. Site also highlights regional services and dedicated support contacts.

Spectrum Mental Health are a leading mental health service provider with a nationwide network of psychologists and psychotherapists with private clinics in Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Westmeath & Wicklow.

An information website aimed at young people suffering with mental health issues in Ireland. Read articles, information about employment, health, everyday life and education. Includes advice sections.

Dublin based independent, not-for-profit mental health service providing services and advice in three Dublin based hospitals. Includes details of getting help and GP referrals.

A nationwide freephone service dedicated to supporting and helping teenagers with a range of mental health issues and problems. Also includes details of how to become a volunteer with full training and support provided. Call support on 1800-833 634.

Details of how to receive urgent help and advice alone with tips about coping with difficult situation including common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety with dedicated information and advice for family and friends.