Friday, March 24, 2023

Disabled Employment and Education Ireland

Disabled Education IrelandThe education and employment needs of disabled people is of great importance. Sites listed in this section of ABLEize for Ireland offer support to disabled people plus information on jobs, training and education to assist the disabled and those with a broad range of disabilities located throughout areas of Southern and Northern Ireland including details of Irish based special needs schools offering all levels of education.

Please browse through the sites listed below along with details of their Facebook and Twitter links where appropriate to provide you with as much information about employment and education resources for the disabled in Ireland.  If you found these education and employment resources for the disabled in Ireland useful, please consider passing them on to others by clicking the “Share this page link” button below.

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Information from the Education Support for Northern Ireland site with a practical ADHD education guides for parents that teach ADHD children in Ireland. Includes related articles.

A Dublin based school for the visually impaired. Offers an overview of the school and its education approach in Ireland with resources, assessment information and details of how to donate or get involved.

Offers information and advice about working with a disability in Ireland including getting extra support, employment options and advice for Irish employers with disabled and special needs staff members.

Offers further education to school Irish leavers with a disability under the age of 23. Check out video clips, application details and find out if DARE is for you as a disabled person seeking higher education. Based in Galway, Ireland.

Offering employment assistance and job training to people with disabilities within Ireland. Includes jobseekers information with details of the regional services and the disabled employment support options available in Ireland.

Belfast school providing education for children with moderate learning difficulties. Site offers class and parents details with information about ASD support in Ireland.

A cross-border, cross-community organisation that provides services to learning disabled and other disadvantaged people.

Assisting and supporting students with disabilities to make the best of education in Ireland. Site includes details of support for a range of disabilities as well as campus activities and access.

Provides guidelines for teachers and schools offering special needs education in Ireland. Includes useful documents and publications as well as details of support services.

Details of jobs and employment opportunities in Ireland either working in the area of special needs and disabilities or adult special needs employment options.

Dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities in Northern Ireland. Site offers project details and support contacts.

Details of the support services offered to people with disabilities studying at the Trinity College Dublin. Includes details of assistive technology, Deaf support and much more to make learning easier for the disabled in Dublin.

Details of the assistance and support services offered by University College Dublin with information about where to get advice on further education for people with disabilities.