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Music Therapy for the Disabled and Special Needs

music therapyThis busy section of ABLEize is dedicated to providing information about disabled and special needs music therapy, education and singing organisations and activities throughout the UK.  Music is used as a therapy for adults and children with special needs and is much loved and excellent form of communication and therapy as well as developing greater social skills for all disabilities.

Find a large selection of sites for disabled and special needs music therapy as well as performers including those who are active on the disability arts and music scene.  This comprehensive list includes sites that are specifically aimed at music therapy or educational music services being offered through music. The sites below include details of music therapy for all disabled adults and children and include those with a learning disability, the deaf and blind.  If you would like to share this list of music therapy with others simple click the “Share this page” link below to email it to a friend.

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Australian drummer, born with CP, Andrew Hewitt is becoming one of the most talked about drummers in the International Drumming Communities. Includes image gallery, guestbook and gig dates and details.

An association that works to assist professional blind and partially sighted piano tuners by offering a range of resources, information and help sections.

Aims to break down disabling barriers to music by enabling disabled musicians of all ages and abilities to explore compose and perform music.

A personalised music transcription service providing music-related materials and sheets in Braille.

A producing company offering training and group workshops in music for people with a learning disability.

Dedicated to exploring ways in which everyone can discover and express their own musical personality. Caters for the disabled with special needs and people with physical or learning disabilities

Non-profit organisation holding music events for disabled children. Also events for the ‘Aiming High’ music project targeted at disabled children aged 11 to 18. Morecambe.

Offers access to music for disabled people in WIltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Has three fully accessible music rooms decked out with an array of instruments and musical technology to enable the disabled and able-bodied to get involved and enjoy making music.

A unique charity that brings music and the performing arts to deaf people. Includes training workshop details, newsletters and a deaf musicians forum.

Explains how special needs music therapy can help a range of disabilities and special needs children and adults. Site includes training details and how to get involved.

Provides music therapy in the areas of Bristol and the South West for adults and children with disabilities and special needs. Music therapy for people of all ages.

A charity that transforms the lives of disabled and special needs children and adults through the power of music.

Bristol charity set up to empower young disabled musicians to create and take part in an inclusive youth orchestras as well as developing accessible musical instruments for all disabilities.

A British orchestra consisting of professional disabled musicians. Site includes images, video clips and details of future concerts and events.

Devon based music group that creates opportunities for those with sensory impairments or learning difficulties to take part in music and theatre perfomances.

Special needs music therapy for disabled and special needs kids. Site highlights the education and therapy advantages for a range of conditions including autism, dementia, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and alzheimer’s.

Hindhead Music Centre in Surrey introduce their courses for all ages and abilities including children with disabilities.

Providing music therapy sessions and palliative care for people living with life-threatening illnesses since 1996. Site highlights their music sessions and future events. Based in Devon.

Yorkshire Association for Music and Special Educational Needs. Working to bring music, special needs music therapy and all round happiness and joy into the lives of those who will benefit most from music.