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Disability and Special Needs Performing Arts

Sites listed here provide details of disability services, clubs, information and facilities for all areas of disability and special needs performing arts.

The performing arts are varied areas of art that involve using your voice of body as an artist, examples being singing and music, acting and theatre performances, links are below to categories contains these methods of performing arts as well as a selection of sites.  Browse through these areas to find disability performing arts site for all  disabilities and special needs including the blind, deaf, those with learning difficulties or other disabilities.

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A professional London based performing arts company made up of visually impaired people. Site highlights training opportunities, current projects and video clips. Also includes links of interest.

A Surrey based company offering accessible and inclusive theatre-in-education through a wide-ranging repertoire of interactive, sensory-based shows, storytelling and workshops for children and young adults with special educational needs.

Provides details of dedicated disability and special needs performing arts drama classes including catering for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Includes class details and related links of interest.

UK acting agency also offering details of classes and acting opportunities for those with a disability. Includes details of Meladrama actors awards with news and contacts.

All inclusive Essex based performing arts dance and drama group made up of disabled and special needs children as well as those without disabilities. View class and event details and to get involved whatever your disability.

NMPAT is a charity that provides disabled and non-disabled students including those with special educational needs education and lessons to learn to play specialist instruments. Also provided one-to-one lessons in vocal and drama classes.

Inclusive residential performing arts centre for young disabled people. Aims to develop confidence and independence through performing arts.

Performing arts for people with a learning disability in Northampton. Offers work experience placements in local theatres for the ages 17 and above in a custom built studio catering for music, dance, singing and drama.

Set up to run specialised classes in the UK for children with special needs including cerebral palsy, hearing impaired, autism and many other conditions. London based.