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Disability and Special Needs Theatre Groups

disability theatre groupsThe UK has a whole host of disability and disabled special-needs theatre groups and companies including dance, art and music theatre organisations made up of a broad spectrum of physically and learning disabled people and ABLEize has the largest collection in one place on the Internet. The disability and special needs theatre groups listed here include theatre shows and workshop details, productions and information about how a person with a disability or special needs can get involved in a theatre near you.

Being involved in theatre and the arts can be very rewarding and also a very worthwhile social activity for all disabilities, many theatre companies produce high class disabled, special needs and non-disabled joint productions, please browse through the all-inclusive and disabled friendly theatre groups below to find one near you.

If your theatre group is not included here and you would like to enjoy high profile coverage of your website and any Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages that you may have simply click the Submit Your Site button located at the top of page and start getting seen by a greater audience.  Trust ABLEize we has all aspects of disability covered!

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Based in Cornwall, the Access Theatre in an inclusive theatre and dance company made up of disabled and special needs people. View production details and how to join or offer support.

Disability theatre group providing interactive multi-sensory theatre opportunities for children and young people with learning disabilities. View video clips, tour details and details of how to get involved.

A theatre company located in Glasgow made up of disabled and non-disabled professional actors. Site offers details of their performances, training and how to get involved.

A national touring theatre company with a mix of non-disabled and disabled actors and actresses including those with learning disabilities. Site provides details of the theatre group with information about past and future shows and how to get involved or make contact.

Lancashire based theatre company made up of wheelchair users and people with learning disabilities. Site offers details of their performances and education programmes.

Provides accessible multisensory shows and workshops for all. Tours to schools, community venues and arts centres.

An all inclusive youth disability theatre group made up of adults and children with special educational needs and varied disabilities. Find out more and how to get involved in their tours around North Yorkshire.

A disabled-led theatre company that profiles the skills of actors, writers and directors with physical and sensory impairments.

Music theatre group and a leading arts organisation for people with a learning disability. View video clips and training information.

A registered charity and theatre group made up of members that have Down’s Syndrome.

Tyne and Wear theatre company run by people with learning disabilities for people with learning disabilities. View production details, video clips and how to get involved.

Set up to assist people with learning disabilities to create and run their own physical disability theatre company. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Bristol based theatre group run by people with disabilities and special needs. Find performance details, dates, contacts and how to get involved.

A theatre company that works mainly with disabled children. View show details and learn about their special needs school’s visiting programme.

A theatre company producing high quality theatre and film work with physically disabled adults. View details of their projects in West Wales, performance news and updates plus workshops that meet any level of ability. Site includes details of how to assist with donations to the company.

Brings disabled and non-disabled actors and supporters, production teams and the local community together. Uses theatre and dance, wheelchair and voicebox technology, multimedia, animations, puppets and shadows to create innovative work.