Sunday, January 21, 2018

Blind and Visually Impaired Schools and Colleges

Blind and visually impaired schools and colleges listed here in this busy area of ABLEize are dedicated to providing education to the blind and visually impaired adults and children throughout numerous UK locations. Sites highlighted here Includes schools and colleges as well as private education and tuition for the blind and visually impaired adult and child.

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Located on the edge of Epping Forest offering education to the blind and visually impaired. Read access details, a school introduction and how to apply.

A school for the ages 11 to 19 with a visual impairment. Details of the school, subject taught and how to apply.

A Birmingham based college for the blind and visually impaired. View the educational courses offered and details of college life.

Leicestershire college providing support and education and specialist facilities for blind and visually impaired students. Site includes details of how to organise a visit.

St Vincent’s is located in Liverpool and offers primary and secondary education.

Hereford based college for the blind and visually impaired. Includes course details and information about the levels of education as well as college life.

A Liverpool based special school that offers care and education to blind and visual impairment adults and children.

Day school in Devon for students with visual impairments. Site offer boarding and admission details, FAQ and video clips.