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Speech Therapy Schools

This area of ABLEize provides details of language and speech therapy schools and education resources provided within the UK. Browse through the sites listed below where you will find a selection of speech therapy schools and colleges offering education and teaching to disabled adults and children with speech, language and communication difficulties. These include schools and colleges working with certified speech-language teachers, occupational therapists, sign language interpreters, and school psychologists.

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Speech therapy specialist providing support to parents with children that have speech difficulties. Site provides details of their speech assessment and research therapy programmes along with software and the latest development news.

Highlighting the dedicated services provided to the school by Worcestershire’s Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Services. Site explains how the therapy can help and the difficulties addressed.

Details of the speech and language therapy services offered on Highshore School with an online video introduction of their teaching approach that is aimed at reducing the impact of language and communication difficulties.

Speech therapy school for children aged 11 to 16 with language and communication difficulties and special educational needs. Based near Romford, Essex. Site provides parents information and details of school life along with news and information about the speech therapy process.

The UK’s professional body for speech and language therapists promoting research, speech and language therapy, education and training of speech and language therapists. Includes details of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Hampshire based speech and language therapists providing their services to children with a range of speech problems. Site includes details of the three therapists with testimonials and contacts.

A national charity working with children and youths with speech, language and communication impairments. Located in the Isle of Wight and providing details of their education and therapy along with residential care options and the admission process.

Details of how the school supports and assists children with speech and language difficulties along with details of the teaching approach. Also offers BSL support services where needed.