Saturday, May 26, 2018

Schools and Colleges for the Physically Disabled

Find sites below offering tuition in schools and colleges catering for people with physical disabilities including wheelchair users. Please browse through the sites listed below and enter their website by clicking the title of each individual school or college for the physically disabled.

If you have or run a school or college and provide private education to adults or children with a physical disability and/or accessible to wheelchair users and you would like to see your site promoted in this busy section of ABLEize, simply click the Submit Your Site button located above to find details of our sensibly priced promotion of your website, Facebook, Google Plus and any Twitter pages.

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Located in Bolton and providing accessible education to a range of disabilities and special needs including young people with a significant physical impairment including wheelchair users.

A day and residential school for people with physical disabilities including neurological motor impairment such as cerebral palsy. Located near Lewes in East Sussex and catering for wheelchair and powered mobility aids users.

A day school for people with physical disabilities aged 3 to 19 with around 69 pupils. Site provides details of their curriculum and extensive facilities for the disabled along with images, news and the school calendar.

Based in Witham, Essex providing day school education and care for children with a physical disability from the ages of 3 to 19. Site offers school prospectus with parents information and admission details.

Information and resources supplied by The Guardian Online with details of the best and most accessible towns and university campus suitable for wheelchair user students.