Friday, February 21, 2020

Mental Health Support in Bedfordshire

Find mental health help and support services in Bedfordshire assisting in all areas of cognitive, behavioural, and the emotional well-being of adults and children. Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in our every changing and often stressful society and the modern pressures of finance and family life

The information, resources and support sites provided here all relate to the mental health needs of everybody living in Bedfordshire and includes issues like depression, stress and how we cope with problems that life throws at us as well of situations involving anger and how we deal with it, anxiety, panic attacks and conditions such as bipolar and thought of suicide. You can find confidential online resources specific to Bedfordshire, telephone support and helplines, drop-in centres and face-to-face support and help for adults, children and teens experiencing mental health issues and related problems.

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Provides mental health services in Bedford including adult rehabilitation and recovery services, crisis resolution and help provided by community mental health teams. Site also explains how to identify mental health danger signs.

The Bedfordshire Well-being Service is a free and confidential NHS resource that offers mental health therapies and specialist support. Includes workshops, Internet and mobile therapy and contacts for urgent help. Also holds regular workforce training in areas such as Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable.

A Government information page for Bedfordshire providing mental health resources, details of local support groups, self-help information and links of related interest.

Providing support services to Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough areas with a range of online information, videos and resources as well as downloads and details of how to receive help.

Dedicated to providing mental health courses, training and support services to adults, children and family members in Bedfordshire. Includes details of the support sessions with telephone contact and their location in Dunstable.

Providing mental health support, training and education in Milton Keynes, Luton and Bedford and throughout Bedfordshire for individuals and families. Includes details of activities offered at well-being centres and local venues throughout the region.

Details of mental health support services for students and staff members of the University of Bedfordshire. Includes details of the support available along with contacts and online resources to assist with managing your mental health.