Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Cheshire Mental Health Support Services

This dedicated section of ABLEize provides details of vital mental health support services available with Cheshire including isolation, loneliness and fear and worries over Coronavirus (COVID-19).  These cover all local areas including Chester, Warrington, Crewe, Macclesfield and Runcorn and all other Cheshire areas. Browse through the websites highlighted below to find confidential mental health support to help all adults, teens and family members within Cheshire assisting in all areas of emotional well-being including depression, financial and family difficulties, help controlling anger, suicidal thoughts and all areas of mental health.

All the services listed here provide confidential online support, telephone or drop-in centre services to help you deal with or receive support for all manner of mental health issues as well as providing family support for children, carers and individuals in need.

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Set up to improve the mental health and quality of life for adults and teens within Cheshire. Includes details of a range of activities and support services with telephone contact and request a callback options.

An NHS service providing mental health support, assessments and treatments. Includes details of self referral to the Well-being Hub for a range of conditions including depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Includes telephone contacts and opening times of resource centres in Crewe and Winsford.

Providing community mental health support services, advice, counselling and training for all areas of Cheshire. Part of the national Mind organisation dedicated to supporting people with mental health problems while assisting them to move to a better life. Site includes telephone contact for their Runcorn office location.

Run by a team of highly skilled mental health professionals offering telephone and drop-in support services and advice in Warrington. Site offers downloads and self referral forms, drop-in centre opening times, directions and highlights the full services offered.

Location details and contacts for the Broker Centre with details of their mental health services including, assessment, recovery, home health treatment team and male and female mental health inpatient services. Located inside the Halton Hospital.