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Mental Health Support in County Durham

Find mental health resources, support and services for all adults and children in County Durham.  Including the mental health and wellbeing of isolation, loneliness , fear and anxiety over Coronavirus (COVID-19).

in this busy section of ABLEize. The resources and support services listed below offer help, recovery and training in all areas of mental health for Durham including assisting with the emotional well-being of adults, family members and children in Chester Le Street, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Barnard Castle and all County Durham areas.

The information, resources and support sites listed here all relate to local mental health for individuals and family members and includes issues like depression and loneliness, help coping with a death and all other problems that life throws at us including dealing with anger issues, anxiety, panic attacks and conditions such as bipolar and suicidal thoughts.

You can find confidential online resources specific to County Durham including online, telephone support, self-help support information and resources, social groups and much more for all ages including children and teens experiencing mental health issues and related problems.

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Details of mental health services and support offered by Durham County Council with details of local and national support services and specialist NHS support teams with contacts.

Set up in memory of Daniel O’Hare to offer emotional and practical support in all areas of mental health and to encourage young people to share their problems . Site offers telephone contact and details of their Chester-le-Street, Co Durham centre.

Located in Chester Le Street and providing Durham with mental health support, training and resources for all ages. Includes details of support groups and carers resources, local events and assisting the voluntary sector provide local mental health services. Includes contacts.

Registered Charity set up to help improve the emotional well-being of people living in County Durham. Offers a range of support and social activities to tackle mental health and remove the feelings of isolation. Located in Gilesgate, Durham.

Working in partnership with Sunderland Counselling Services to offer help and support in all areas of mental health in County Durham and Darlington. Offers online resources, contacts and appointment details.