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Derbyshire Mental Health Support

Find mental health resources, support and services Including the mental health and wellbeing of isolation, loneliness , fear and anxiety over Coronavirus (COVID-19) available in Derbyshire providing help and assisting with the emotional well-being of adults and children. The mental health services listed in this busy ABLEize section forms part of our national mental health support programme that highlights mental health resources in each county of the UK. This section covers all Derbyshire areas including Derby, Chesterfield, Matlock, Ashbourne and all other areas of Derbyshire.

The information, resources and support sites listed here all relate to mental health for individuals and family members and includes issues like depression, help coping with problems that life throws at us, OCD, dealing with anger issues, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and conditions such as bipolar. You can find confidential online resources specific to Derbyshire including online, telephone support, self-help support information and resources and much more for all ages including children and teens experiencing mental health issues and related problems.

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Set up to raise awareness about mental health conditions and tackle the stigma surrounding it. Site offers details of awareness workshops, theatre performances, arts groups and how to get involved. Based in Derby.

Derby based mental health charity providing support and a broad range of social activities, workshops and training to help improve the mental health of children, teens, parents and teachers in Derby. Also offer free drop-in services in Uttoxeter New Road.

Providing mental health support to women in Derby and throughout Derbyshire with support, counselling and twice monthly group meetings and social gatherings. Based at Leopold Street, Derby.

Providing mental health support and resources for Derbyshire carers of the disabled, elderly and family members. DCA, work with a number of mental health support groups and forums throughout the county. Includes contacts for their Derby, Chesterfield, New Mills and Ripley offices.

Supplying a range of information, advice and training to assist people with mental health problems in Derbyshire. Includes news, support contacts and a number of useful online resources as well as local Derbyshire events.

Part of Rethink Mental Illness providing self help and targeted support through one-to-one and group sessions, live webchat and text services. Includes contacts and opening times. Based in Ripley.

A free confidential service offered by the NHS providing mental health services to anyone living in Derbyshire over the age of 16. Site offers telephone contact, online form and a downloadable brochure of the support offered.

A national charity based in Belper, Derbyshire providing support, recovery help and treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Site explains the condition with diagnoses details, how to get help or become a volunteer.

Highlighting the mental health services offered by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Offers free, confidential services for teens and adults currently registered with a Derbyshire GP. Includes therapy and self help services and information for friends and family.

Derby based charity set up to help improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged and vulnerable women. Offers one-to-one support, advocacy, drop-in services, life skills and confidence enhancing groups. Includes direct dial contact.