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Gloucestershire Mental Health Support

Find Gloucestershire based mental health support including the mental health and wellbeing of isolation, loneliness, fear and anxiety over Coronavirus (COVID-19).  These are specific to this area offering localised confidential advice for adults, child and family members support in all areas of mental health.

The handpicked websites and contacts below offer help to all adults and children struggling with mental health and general wellbeing issues in Gloucestershire such as depression, anger, drug or alcohol related problems, addressing or learning to control suicidal thoughts, relationship problems or marriage break ups as well as the worries and stress caused by debt, sexuality identity and all manner of family issues.

The help and related advice services can be found by checking out the ABLEize hand-picked locally based Gloucestershire websites highlighted below and include the areas of Gloucester and Cheltenham Thornbury, Woodchester, Cirencester as well as all other towns and villages throughout Gloucestershire. Mental health support is just a click away.

All of the local mental health resources listed here have been hand-picked by ABLEize to ensure you have a choice of Essex mental health resources to receive help, advice and guidance in all areas of well-being. Many organisations listed provide dedicated telephone, Internet or direct counselling services free of charge and offer confidential services. Browse through the sites below clicking individual titles to take you to direct websites with contacts and further information.

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Includes telephone and email contacts for mental health and wellbeing support in the areas of Cotswold District, Forest of Dean, Stroud District and Gloucester City. Information provided by Community Action in Gloucestershire.

Providing mental health support and advice with funding provided by Gloucestershire County Council. Website offers a range of resources including accessing information and advice, mental health related video clips, links of interest and direct telephone contact.

Providing dedicated support and telephone contacts in all areas of anxiety, depression and mental health wellbeing. Also includes a range of online resources and information covering the areas of Gloucestershire and Hertfordshire.

Facebook mental health support and social group for the Gloucestershire areas of Coleford and Cinderford. Check out events taking place and contacts including messenger.

The Music Works offers a range of music related activities for youngsters and includes details of helping your mental health problems like depression and anxiety through the services they provide. Read more all view the video clips to find out how to get involved.

A Gloucestershire-based charity providing face-to-face support and online counselling services to young people suffering with a range of mental health issues. Site provides details of self-help resources along with telephone contact for support or to find out more.

Details of support services, advice and mental health awareness training offered to students and staff affected by mental health issues at the University of Gloucestershire. Site includes confidential support, telephone and email contacts.

A dedicated Gloucestershire search engine offering results and information in all areas of mental health. Includes information, resources and where to get help following each subject searched.