Monday, December 11, 2023

London Mental Health Support

ABLEize provides details of vital mental health support services available throughout all of London. Browse through the listings to find London based support groups, self-help centres and direct dial telephone support as well as Internet and text support services for all areas of mental health including the mental health and wellbeing issues caused by isolation, loneliness, fear and anxiety over Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mental health can affect us in a range of different ways including severe depression, anger and difficulty coping with everyday life including anxiety and a number of disorders such as eating disorders, self-harm and basically anything that can affect our mental health and well-being.

This section is dedicated to providing people living and working in London with mental health support and resources when they need them. These are provided by a range of charities, organisations and local NHS government services to offer mental health support to all adults, children and teens, carers and family members.

Please check out the sites below to find the help and support you need and if you found this information useful please forward it via email to a friend using the link below.

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A dedicated Bexleyheath drop-in service where you can access mental health support and advice from trained and understanding mental health workers. Service offered by Mind in Bexley and open 6 pm to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Supporting people with mental health issues in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster. Provides details of services and support in each area along with talking therapies resources, volunteering information and contacts.

A support and counselling service for people with mental health issues in Greenwich, Bromley and Lewisham. Includes direct telephone support details, information about day groups, training and social programmes.

My dedicated and professional free support service aimed at helping people prevent the onset of mental health problems. Provide telephone and email contacts along with a dedicated telephone support service.

Dragon In the City offers a programme of activities designed to help relieve the feelings of pressure for people living and working in the city of London. Includes details of fortnightly free meetings and activities designed to improve mental health and well-being.

Details of how to get help and support within the London Borough of Ealing along with self help information, online therapies and direct dial telephone contacts for advice and support.

Highlighting the adult mental health services offered in Greenwich with crises contacts and details of a dedicated Bexley Crisis Café for anybody experiencing severe emotional or psychological distress.

Providing a number of urgent mental health support contacts available both locally for Hackney as well as regional 24-hour support services. Also provides details of assistance with issues like employment, housing and care.

Providing much-needed support and services to the people of Kensington and Chelsea suffering with anxiety, depression and related mental health issues. Site includes telephone contacts and details of London based support services.

An official London government site providing details of range of mental health services and organisations offering help and advice including centres in South London, Maudsley and Brixton.

Located in Finsbury Park, London and providing a place to talk and receive help for anybody feeling suicidal or having thoughts of suicide. The centre is open 365 days of the year and offers direct telephone contact for crisis support along with details of how to visit the centre.

Providing dedicated mental health support and self-help guides and videos with details of local Camden drop-in support services. Includes a number of urgent advice contacts both locally and nationally with information available in multiple languages.

Provides advice, advocacy and mental health support services with drop-in centres in Woolwich, Greenwich, Vauxhall and Gillingham. Also provides LGBTQ and HIV counselling, social groups for over 50s and much more in all areas of mental health and well-being.

Mind in Barnet provides urgent mental health support services as well as one-to-one counselling, support and advocacy services. Includes a dedicated crisis support contact as well as range of social groups and activities.

A dedicated mental health charity located in the London Borough of Croydon providing mental health support, activities and counselling services. Includes dedicated telephone support with details of events and activities aimed at improving the well-being of all adults and children.

The local Islington group of the national charity Mind providing mental health support, information and services to adults and children within the London Borough of Islington. Includes details of crisis support, mental health first aid training and offers a range of external links.

A free and confidential NHS support service offered in the London Borough of Hackney to assist anybody with mental health problems and concerns including stress and depression. Site provides details of how they can help along with telephone contacts.

A dedicated patient care helpline manned 365 days of the year are providing mental health advice support provided by trained and professional advisers. Site includes telephone details for 24-hour help and advice.