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Northumberland Mental Health

Find Northumberland vital mental health support services including telephone, 1 to 1 online over the net support and professional advice along with a range of related self-help tips, information and guidance in all areas of mental health and wellbeing for all ages.

The local self-help groups, telephone support services, charities and Northumberland organisations listed below offer local confidential advice and support for teens, adults and family members in all areas of mental health and wellbeing including isolation, loneliness and fear including worries over Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The handpicked resources and contacts ensure that all adults and children struggling with mental health issues and general wellbeing problems can get friendly and confidential advice and guidance throughout Northumberland towns and cities including Berwick-upon-Tweed, Morpeth, hexham and Blyth and all other towns and cities of Northumberland. Examples of mental health support include, isolation, the fear of not being able to cope, understanding and tackling depression, drug and crime and alcohol related problems, including urgent help with severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

Other areas of mental health include the stress caused by debt, sexuality identity and all manner of family, work and everyday issues. Check out the ABLEize hand-picked official Northumberland websites listed below and if you found this information and vital contacts useful please forward it via email to a friend using the link below so others can also benefit.

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Set up to provide dedicated support services for people with a whole range of mental health issues and problems within Northumberland. Includes telephone support contacts, details of self help resources along with information of localised projects.

I dedicated mental health support service located in Morpeth providing details of the services and also offering email and direct dial telephone contact for urgent support.

A Berwick-upon-Tweed peer support group for people and their families suffering from mental health including depression, anxiety, loneliness and isolation. Offers a range of social support meetings and gatherings as well as offering telephone contacts via their contacts and Facebook page.

Offers an online search facility of a range of mental health services, support and information for adults and children living in Northumberland. Includes details of adult social care, mental health talking therapies as well as disability services.

A dedicated online mental health forum offering friendship, online help and advice between members. Site also provides personal stories, online resources and self-help guides. Registration required to post.

Offers telephone support all areas of mental health crisis and concerns. Also arranges recovery treatments, lifestyle change options and face-to-face and group activities with therapists outside of Coronavirus (COVID-19) lock down intervals.

Located in Durham city and offering mental health and feel good and support services along with a range of social activities. Telephone and email support is offered outside of these times.