Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Wiltshire Mental Health Support

Find mental health help, advice and support for all areas of Wiltshire to get vital choice of dedicated support in all areas of mental health and wellbeing. The contacts include telephone support and online help and advice during Coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation including over the net support and free professional advice including a range of related self-help tips, information and guidance in all areas of mental health and wellbeing for all ages, families, adults, children and carers in crises.

The local self-help groups, telephone support services, are all Wiltshire organizations and these are listed below and provide local confidential advice and support for all individuals and family members in all areas of mental health and wellbeing including isolation, loneliness and fear including worries over Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The handpicked contacts ensure that everybody with mental health issues and general wellbeing problems can get friendly and confidential advice and guidance throughout the Wiltshire when needed most and covers all areas including towns and cities including Swindon, Salisbury, Bradford on Avon, Chippenham, Devizes, Trowbridge and all areas of Wiltshire.

Mental health can affect all of us in different ways and it is vital, especially during Coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation and the fears of not being able to cope. Check out the carefully hand-picked official Wiltshire wellbeing support websites list highlighted below created by ABLEize to ensure everybody has access to mental health support when needed most. Please help us to help others by doing your bit and forward this page via email to a friend using the link below so others can also benefit.

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Information resources supplied by Avon in Wiltshire NHS. Includes details of the community services including drug and alcohol problems. Telephone advice is offered by their Trust switchboard number on 01225 325680.

A dedicated mental health support organisation with telephone contacts for local support in Bradford-on-Avon and other areas of Wiltshire. Also offers self-help guides for people feeling stressed, anxious or depressed including those unable to cope during Coronavirus (COVID-19) isolation.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide provide a range of local and national support contact information with contacts available by telephone or email.

An official list of mental health support contacts offered by Swindon Borough Council. As well as listing local mental health organisations we also offer self help information and guidance range of online services.