Monday, December 17, 2018

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

This busy and popular area of ABLEize provides details of disability counselling services, as well as online counselling and one-to-one services for people with physical disabilities, special needs and mental health issues and also their carers and family members.

The counsellors, consultants and counselling services listed here specialise in disability and mental health counselling as well as bereavement counselling services for the disabled, non disabled, their family and carers including wheelchair users, the blind and all other disabilities including stroke recovery, family and sex issues for the disabled. All advice is offered on a confidential basis so don’t be afraid to call one of the dedicated counsellors listed below. Also see other areas of ABLEize including support groups for a range of issues and condition, disabled rehabilitation and bereavement counselling services highlighted in the categories below.

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Emotional Respite

A dedicated online, face to face or instant chat disability counselling services charged at varying rates. Home visits are offered to wheelchair users living in North East.

Oct 30, 2017