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Benefit Advice for the Disabled

The sites listed in this busy area of ABLEize provide disability and disabled benefits advice within a whole range of benefit and tax credit areas including carers and disability benefits, heating and housing benefits, child benefit and also information about jobseekers allowance on a low income benefits. The information is a mix of previous benefits as well as replacements such as the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit details with online advice.

Also find details of benefits for part and full time work and employment for disabled people, deaf, blind plus those with mobility and learning difficulties, including details of disability living allowance and how to claim work related employment benefits such as Access To Work and sickness benefit for people with disabilities and special needs. Please browse through the disability benefit advice website listed below to find the information and advice you require.

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Details of available benefits that are available if you have a disability and unable to work. Also offers details about PIP and DLA appeals, information about making claims including sickness benefits, carers allowance and employment and support allowances.

Providing a whole host of information and advice sections about disability benefits including housing benefits, pension credit and much more for the disabled and elderly The initial page deals with attendance allowance.

Official Government site providing details of Attendance Allowance benefit awarded to help look after a disabled person, how to apply and the amount you can expect to receive. Site explains who is eligible and highlights related benefits.

Information provided by Directgov on a range of benefit issues from claiming to qualifying details.

Find details of carers benefits along with how to apply, carers credit and links of related interest provided by the website. Includes an online benefits calculator with a number of related disability benefit links.

Details of housing benefits (Universal Credit (UC) will eventually replace Housing Benefit) to help with your rent, includes how much to expect and how to claim.

Information provided by Citizens Advice with frequently asked questions about benefits, income support and tax credits if you are working/unemployed, sick or disabled. Site includes an A to Z of benefits.

Information and advice about these two benefits provided by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers. Covers benefits in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland and how to claim.

A downloadable fact sheet to help you understand disability benefits to assist with a range of disabilities including adapting your home, how to appeal against a decision, disabled facilities grants and help with heating.

A charity that helps disabled people find out what benefits they are entitles to and how to claim them. Offers separate UK and Ireland sections.