Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Disabled Employment Advice

Disabled Employment AdviceABLEize provides disability employment advice with details of sites offering disabled employment, job and workplace help and advice and information for people with disabilities including wheelchair users, head injury and others with special employment needs either working or wishing to return to work. The sites and services listed below also offer help for those with special needs or mental health issues in all areas of employment including government employment advice for the disabled, support organisations and details of the services offered by local UK Job Centres.

Returning to or gaining meaningful employment with a disability can be difficult but it is well worth shaking off any disappointments because like all things in life it is well worth the effort in the long run. The many organisations and resources listed here will help you every step of the way offering you employment advice, interview assistance and and much more to get back to work.

Please browse the sites listed below for advice and assistance that offer much needed help returning to work in all areas including training, financial assistance, support and much more that can lead to a viable and worthwhile job whatever your disability.

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A valuable and comprehensive site that matches employers with disabled job candidates. Site provides details of current vacancies and allows you to post your CV as well as a number of informative resources and blog entries.

Sep 13, 2013