Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Disabled Employment and Work Opportunities

Browse through this section of ABLEize to find details of disability job and employment opportunities throughout the UK including information on returning to work after a disability or starting and running your own business. Some sites listed here will also include job training, recruitment and job search details to assist you if you have a disability or special needs or mental health problems.

Please browse through the sites below to find your area of disabled employment interest and click on the website titles to visit the individual websites that are waiting to assist you and offer you practical as well as one-to-one assistance and advice in all areas of disabled employment.

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Employers organisation focused on the issue of disability in the workplace. Includes publications, events, information plus newsletters. Includes networking opportunities for disabled people seeking jobs.

A charity that assists people with learning disabilities by offering training opportunities and work in farming, conservation and rural skills. Suffolk based.

Highlighting employment opportunities for people looking to work with disabled people or within the support workers sectors. Site provides training and careers details and highlights available courses.

An online search facility for disabled job seekers and recruiters. Search in your area to find employment.

Based in York, North Yorkshire and set up to provide a platform, workshops and training opportunities for disabled people get back into or start work. Site highlights products made by the members, how to buy and how to get involved.

Operates a number of commercial enterprises. These provide direct employment opportunities for disabled people, improve access to essential products and services and generate income to support Enham’s charitable objectives.

Assists people with disabilities by providing supportive employment in the areas of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian. Includes information and resources for both jobseekers and employers.

Offers a range of work opportunities across the UK. The jobs are diverse and include roles in fundraising, education, care, policy, marketing as well as support functions.

Enter your hourly wages into this free online tool and it will estimate your annual salary.

Based in Croydon and Lambeth and set up to help people with disabilities and mental health problems in finding and retaining paid employment. Includes details of new projects, benefit advice and employment related news.