Monday, June 25, 2018

VAT Exemption for the Disabled

VAT Exemption for the disabledThis ABLEize section provides information about equipment and vehicles that offer VAT exemption for disable people with a long-term illness or severe disability. The websites listed below explain how VAT relief works, who qualifies for VAT free products and highlights many goods and services you can buy without paying VAT. Example, you can purchase, lease or hire an adapted motor vehicle VAT-free when it is supplied to a disabled person who normally uses a wheelchair to get around or the vehicle is permanently and substantially adapted and is for domestic or personal use of the disabled person.

Cars are of course just one VAT free area, mobility aids, adaptations and many products also qualify for zero VAT such as a wetroom for disabled use, building adations designed to cater for a disability etc. See the sites, services and guides below to find out more about zero VAT rated products and how to save 20% on many current purchases made for your disabled needs.

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You can buy a product or service at a price that excludes VAT. You may not have to pay VAT if you have a disability. This site offers information on VAT exemption relief including vehicles, mobility aids and building work, apaptations and more.

Explains what products and services and VAT free when purchased through a pharmacy along with who is eligible.

A useful guide for builders to understand the VAT exemption rules when undertaking alterations or building work for the disabled such as ramps, wetrooms and dedicated disability use rooms and services.