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Disability Related Health and Fitness

Disability fitness and healthThe websites listed in this area of ABLEize cover all areas of health, exercise and fitness for the disabled as well as the non-disabled seeking general health and fitness information, resources and services and does include disabled products and services connected to health and fitness for all disabilities and special needs, information and services such as animal therapy, sensory play therapy, health insurance plus exercise for the mobility impaired, arthritis and rheumatism information along with services such as insurance can be found listed here.

Please browse through this health and fitness area of ABLEize to find a range of categories listed including medicine, diet and weight loss and more specific disabled health and fitness issues such as skin care, animal assisted therapy and circulation problems.

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Charity researching the causes of substance addiction. News and details of current national and international activities, together with advice and suggestions on how to help.

the UK’s largest charity working with and for older people. Includes mission details, support information and advice plus online shopping of practical goods.

Trade association that represents UK companies in the areas of research and development.

A national road safety charity aiming to prevents injury and death by offering safety education to the public. Offers online health and safety advice for you and your child.

A registered charity offering advice on the relationship between diet, physical activity and health.

Official site for the NHS with health publications, resources and news.


Offering information on public Health and Safety. Includes a public enquiry contact centre, access to workplace health and safety information, guidance and expert advice.

A fully-licensed U.S based medical institute that specialises in testosterone and hormone replacement therapy. Read the facts about human growth hormone (HGH) with purchasing details and the Kingsberg Medical profile.

NICE is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health. Includes news and events plus health guidance notes.

Find out about a range of natural remedies along with the benefits of vitamins, herbs and antioxidants. Includes details of the conditions treated.

Providing solvent abuse information for parents and young people with training details and help sections.

Independent charity made up of 6000 members with details of public health training, events and a products and services along with links of interest.

Offers tips to help quit smoking with articles and personal stories. Includes video clips and sells stop smoking products and aids via their U.S Amazon store to help you succeed.