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Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Animal assisted therapy resourcesAnimal-assisted therapy is a type of therapy that involves an animal with very specific therapy skills and qualities that form a major part of a person’s treatment. Animal-assisted therapy is aimed at improving the physical, social and emotional needs of people with disabilities and special needs and often works on a level that cannot be obtained by professional consultants and medical teams.

Many kinds of animals are used in therapy, including dogs, cats and even elephants, horses, birds, dolphins, rabbits as well as monkeys and other small animals. Animal assisted therapy with horses is known specifically as equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP). Find sites listed here offering animal assisted therapy details along with contacts and specific information about the individual animal assisted therapy provided.

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Critter Assisted Therapy

Undertakes pet therapy and animal assisted therapy using exotic animals including snakes, tortoises, rabbits and chinchillias. Worcestershire based.